I am a board certified family physician in solo practice.

I started this practice because I wanted to spend more time with
my patients than group practice would allow.  Due to lower
reimbursements from insurance companies and increasing
overhead costs, many doctors have become employees of
hospitals or groups run by non-physicians. They are forced to
see patients at a pace that I feel is unacceptable. I didn't want to
practice this "door handle" style of medicine where the doctor
can't sit and talk with the patient.

They didn't even have a name for my style of practice when I
opened this office in 1988. Now, it would best be described as a
"micropractice." Micropractice is a small typically solo doctor
office with low overhead which allows the physician to spend
more time with patients. Some of these offices operate on a
cash only basis to cut down on overhead or charge a "concierge
fee" for the extra care. We have never done that. I am giving the
extra time to my patients because I strongly believe that is how
to provide the best care. I will participate with insurance
companies when possible. However, please understand that
some insurances just pay too low and create too many hassles
for us to participate.

I have always emphasized and been interested in preventive
medicine. My practice style is traditional medicine but I can give
my opinion whether or not particular alternative therapies are
well validated. I have always said good medicine is like good
cooking, it takes time.

Take care,

David B. Thrower D.O.