Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables = Half Your Plate!

Fruits and vegetables from good sources should make up half of your plate; not grains like the first food pyramid suggested. Try to get these fresh or frozen if fresh is not available.

Canned vegetables often have salt added and canned fruits will frequently have added sugar or fruit juices. These are not needed or desirable in our diet and detract from the health benefits of these foods.

I’m also concerned about getting a lot of food from aluminum cans that may be lined with BPA containing resin. Sometimes that is necessary but try not to get everything in cans.

Buy from local farmers or farm markets in the summer. You might try freezing or canning yourself to control the ingredients added.

There are plenty of stores near  me with a great selection of produce year round. We are blessed! I don’t buy everything organic but I try to do that when the price is acceptable. Especially for foods that you can’t peel that may have pesticide residues on them. I also feel more comfortable with locally grown produce even if not labeled organic. Take a look at the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” online as a guide to which fruits and vegetables are most important to buy organic.