I have always emphasized and been interested in preventive medicine. Good nutrition, an active lifestyle and avoidance of bad habits are vital to your longterm health. My style of practice includes traditional medicine tailored to the individual as well as exploring other options including nutritional therapy and sometimes alternative treatments when that is appropriate.

I started this practice because I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my patients than group practice would allow.  I have always said good medicine is like good cooking, it takes time.

My office could be described as a “Micro-practice.” I have a solo family medicine office with just a minimum of employees. This allows me to see patients at a more reasonable pace. I don’t have any “midlevel providers” such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Just me. When you schedule an appointment I will see you.

I typically will expect patients to schedule an appointment to take care of their  health concerns. This is the trade off for allowing extra time and providing personal high quality care. We will expect you to make appointments for refills of your medications and follow up on chronic conditions at regular intervals.  We have had “open access” appointment scheduling long before that phrase was even coined.

I strongly encourage patients to schedule annual preventive/ wellness exams which allow more time to take care of their health concerns. Please plan ahead for appointments as I occasionally will be out of the office for holidays, required continuing education conferences and vacations.

I do not use an electronic medical record. My patient’s charts are still on paper which can’t be hacked. It has been estimated that electronic medical records take away up to half the time from the patient encounter. I do use computers when it adds to patient care. For example, I send prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy. I use applications to monitor for drug interactions and for reference. I am also able to access testing results on Bronson’s EpicCareLink electronic system.